10 Tips for Increasing Online Business Sales

If you have an online business you are always looking for new ways to increase sales. Today I am going to offer you a few tips that can increase your online business sales.
  1. Make your prices clear. Have the price of the item you are selling in an easy to locate spot. Customers do not like having to search for how much something is going to cost them.
  2. Offer price comparisons. Customers like to know they are getting the best deal around. By having price comparisons you can show them your price is the lowest.
  3. Test different prices. If you have everything listed ending in $.00 consider changing them to $.99 or $.95. people see the change and think it is a better deal. This can help increase you online business sales.
  4. Have product reviews for the items you are selling. People are more likely to make a purchase if they see others have used the product and found it to be worth the money. Customer testimonials are a great way of attracting sales.
  5. Have thorough product descriptions. Include size, color, anything that is relevant to the item. This includes pictures. If a customer doesn't know something about the product they most likely won't buy it right then.
  6. Have a money back offer. If the customer knows they can get their money back should they not be satisfied they will feel more comfortable in making a purchase.
  7. Offer free shipping. This is a great way to increase sales. You could offer free shipping to first time customers, or if they spend a certain amount of money they don't have to pay any shipping costs. People like free.
  8. Have a way for customers to contact you. Customers like to know there will be someone around after the sale. Having a contact form is a way of making this happen.
  9. Offer coupon codes. People love coupons and will feel like they are getting a better deal. The codes could be for first time customers, or you can use them to bring repeat customers back to your site.
  10. Make sure your site is functioning properly at all times. If you have broken links when a customer tries to make a purchase they will not return to your site. Check all of the links on a regular basis. Also make sure the contact us form is working properly.

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