Avoiding Work at Home Scams

In the work at home field there is a large amount of scams. Companies will claim you can make a fortune in just a few days. Some will try and sell you a way into their work at home business. When looking for a work at home job you have to do your research to avoid falling for one of the many scams. Here are some tips for how to avoid work at home scams.

1. Get rich quick scams. Any time you are looking to work at home you will come across get rich quick scams. We have all seen the ads promising lots of money in just a few short days. If this was a truly legitimate job everyone would be working at home and rich. While you can make lots of money working from home, it is not going to happen in a few days. It takes time.

2. Limited time offer scams. These work at home scams will try rushing you into buying your way into a business. They will advertise that the offer is only going to be good for the next few hours. They may claim to only have a few slots left. They do not want you to think about the actual job, they just want you to spend your money. These are scams and not legit work at home jobs. All you will do is throw your money away. A true work at home job is not going to pressure you into joining their company.

3. Anything to do with your bank account and foreign checks. There are various forms of this type of work at home scam. When one gets shut down another opens. They will hire you to process foreign checks through your bank account. These checks are no good. Your bank account becomes overdrawn and you are held responsible for the money.

4. Pyramid scams. These work at home scams will have you join their company and then make you believe you can make lots of money by recruiting others to join.Usually their is some service or product to sell them. Then they go on to recruiting others and so on. You are not going to make a living by doing a work at home job like this.

5. Any company that requires a large upfront payment. Legitimate work at home jobs do not require a large amount of money upfront. Now some work at home jobs do require some start up fees. These are to pay for products you need to run the business. An example would be if you were going to start a jewelry business from home. You would have to invest in supplies to make the jewelry. Also never pay for lists of work at home jobs. Most of the jobs on the list are scams. You can do your own research and find the same jobs for free.

There are lots of work at home jobs available. Just do your research before you spend any of your money. You will quickly learn to spot a work at home scam.

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1 Response to "Avoiding Work at Home Scams"

  1. Anonymous says:

    These are great tips. It seems there are more and more scams out there.

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