Sites that Hire Freelace Writers

Here are some online venues that hire freelance writers.
1. Examiner- The examiner hires freelance writers to provide content for various categories. They have local pages and national pages. some of the categories they need freelance writers for include family, parenting, health, sports, television, celebrities, pets, and more. Most likely you will find a category you are knowledgeable about. Examiner pays for page views. The more you know about keywords and SEO the better fit this site would be for you.

2. Associated Content- This site allows freelance writers to write about any topic they like. They pay an upfront offer on articles they think will add value to the site. Offers range anywhere from $3.00- $20.00. The usual offer is around $5.00- $9.00. They also offer a monthly page view bonus. If an article is not accepted for an upfront offer you can still publish it for page views.

3. Accentuate Writers Forum- While this forum doesn't hire freelance writers, they do provide plenty of information on sites that do. This writing forum offers many places for you to submit your work. They also offer only legitimate writing opportunities. You can find tons of information about freelance writing. There is no fees for any of the jobs listed.

Freelance writing is a booming business right now. People need content. That is where you come in as a freelance writer. Always do your research about the company you are considering writing for, and never pay for work. A job pays you not the other way around.

* Note-Most freelance writing jobs hire you as an independent contractor.That means you will be responsible for any taxes you owe from the money you make writing.

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