Become a Virtual Customer Service Agent

Customer service is an already huge field and it is expected to keep growing. More and more customer service agents are answering your calls from the comfort of their homes. Companies are hiring people to work from home answer incoming customer service calls.

The trend is growing as companies are trying to cut costs. They can hire someone to work as a virtual customer service agent and not have to worry about having a call center for their employees to work from. There is flexibility when working at home as a customer service agent. You are able to choose your own hours. Most agents work anywhere from 20 hours or more a week. Some companies have a minimum hour requirement.

To become a virtual customer service agent you will need a computer, high speed internet like cable or DSL, a land based phone line ( cell phones are not acceptable, nor can you use a cordless phone), a quiet are to work, a headset that connects to your phone, and you must have a clear, pleasant speaking voice.

This is a great job for a mom that needs to be home when her kids get off the school bus, or a retiree looking to make some extra money. You won't be able to have your children playing in the background while you are taking calls though. The companies hiring virtual customer service agents expect you to maintain a quiet environment while working.

Pay will vary by company. Some customer service agents make anywhere from $7.00 and up. It will depend on your experience, how many hours you work, and the amount of calls you take during that time. Some companies also have you do up-sells to the callers. You will try to sell another product or service to the caller. if you are good at this type of sale you can make more money.

Some companies to check out if you are interested in becoming a virtual customer service agent include
Live Ops
Alpine Access
Working Solutions
Staffing @ Home

I do not endorse any particular company. You have to research each one and see if you would be a match for what the company is looking for.

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