Make Some Extra Cash as a Mystery Shopper

Businesses want to know how they are performing. To find out they hire companies to send people to their business and try it out so to speak.

These people are called mystery shoppers. They will go into a business like a restaurant and have dinner. What the restaurant doesn't know is the person they are serving is really testing their business.

Mystery shoppers are given instructions to follow when visiting a business. They may be told to order or buy a certain item. They can be given directions on things to complain about. Companies want to know how their employees are handling everything from welcoming you to their business, to keeping the restrooms clean. Mystery shopping is a way for them to evaluate their place of business without the employees expecting it. They get a real look at how things run.

There are several companies that hire mystery shoppers. There are also scam companies that try and charge you to become a mystery shopper. You should never pay any money to get hired as a mystery shopper. One reputable company to check out is .

While you will not get rich from mystery shopping it is a great way to earn some extra cash. Plus you can get free products and meals. The mystery shopper is reimbursed for things they buy or meals. They usually make some extra cash on top of that. Pay attention to the directions you are given to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do to be reimbursed.

Photo created by Morgan Akens

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