Limit Distractions While Working at Home Part 1

You had your breakfast, you kissed your kids goodbye as they boarded the bus, now you are prepared to spend the rest of the day working at home. As soon as you sit down to begin working the telephone rings. it is your neighbor down the street wanting to catch up on all the latest gossip. You finally get her off the phone and realize you have wasted an hour. You tell yourself you must get busy working.

Next thing you know someone is ringing the doorbell. Some women from the church are going door to door ministering. You don't want to be rude so you invite them in. Two hours later they leave. The morning is practically through and you have yet to accomplish any work.

You decide to grab lunch and then plan a busy afternoon of work. While you are cleaning up from lunch you notice the refrigerator is a mess. You say to yourself I'll just hurry up and clean this out, it will only take a few minutes, then it is back to work. An hour later you return to working. While you are working you decide to check in on your Facebook page and see what is going on. A half hour later you get back to working.

Before you know it the kids are running through the door ready for an after school snack. Where did the time go? You had good intentions of getting a lot of work done, but it did not happen that way. Does this sound like your day? If it does you need to learn how to limit the distractions when working from home.

Come back tomorrow and learn how you can be more productive each day when working from home. There are tips you can follow to keep the distractions at a minimum.

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