Limit Distractions While Working at Home Part 2

Limit Distractions While Working at Home Part 2
Yesterday we discussed what happens when you let distractions interfere with your working at home. The answer was simple you get no work done. If you are not getting any work done you are not going to be successful. No work means no money coming in.

There are ways you can limit your distractions while you are working at home. Start by following a few of the tips below

Skip the personal calls. Do you have caller id? If not invest in it. You will be able to screen your calls for emergencies. If the call is not life or death skip it. You can call them back later. Get an answering machine and if the caller needs something important they will leave you a message. Spending the day answering call after call will not help you get your work done.

Stay away from Facebook and other social networking sites. If the website doesn't pertain to your work stay off of it until you are through working. Once you log onto a site like Facebook, it is very easy to waste an hour or more there. Finding out how well you remember the 80's is not going to get your work done any faster. Leave the quizzes and messaging for your free time.

Email can have good and bad points. If you get business emails then you need to check them. If your business emails come to your personal email account it is too easy to become distracted by the personal emails. If the business emails are not something that has to be read right away save them for later. It can take s lot of time to go through each email and respond if needed. Set a time each day to spend going through your email.

Don't have visitors during work hours. This can be hard when an unexpected guest drops by. Explain tot hem that you are working, but you would love to visit with them. Schedule a time when you are not working for a get together. Remember there is nothing wrong with not answering the door while you are working at home.

Learning to limit distractions while working at home can be difficult. The main focus needs to be your job if you want to become successful.

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